30 Day Dry Aged Beef

At Price & Fretwell, we implement production processes which create the best quality product for our customers. For example, our 30 day dry ageing process ensures that our customers receive the highest quality products every time!


We dry age our beef on the bone for no less than 30 days and continually invest in our dry ageing process because it produces a significant improvement in taste compared to other methods.

Our Dry Ageing Fridge

The process of dry ageing involves the control of a variety of environmental factors including air flow, bacterial growth and humidity. We utilise state of the art dry ageing equipment and specialist lighting in a purpose-built hanging fridge to optimise the process.


Over the past 30 years we have let our meat do the talking and cooked our products off against competitors with overwhelming success. We believe that quality meat speaks for itself and we will proudly cook off our meat products against any competitor product to showcase the difference in taste and quality which we can provide.

30 Day Dry Aged Fore Rib Of Beef
30 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak