Cleaner (part-time)

Tibshelf, Derbyshire

Price & Fretwell Ltd are established catering butchers based in Tibshelf (Derbyshire). A cleaning position has now become available. As a food production establishment, cleanliness throughout the building is crucial. The Role would involve:

  • Moping of floors of the canteen and throughout the main building
  • Cleaning of doors of the canteen and throughout the main building
  • Hoovering of carpeted areas throughout the building
  • Wiping of doors and door handles throughout the main building
  • Wiping of desks and keyboards
  • Disposal of recycling and general waste bins
  • Wiping of tables, sinks and equipment in the canteen
  • Filling of the dishwasher
  • Cleaning of toilet areas and changing room facilities within the main building

The days of work are:

Monday 4 hours

Tuesday 3 hours

Wednesday 3 hours

Thursday 3 hours

Friday 3 hours

However the times of work are flexible between 6am and 5pm

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